Tonic freight train


We are tonic freight train


Lead Vocals | Dan Dick

Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals | Jake Kramer

Bass | Bryan Bishop

Drums | James Griffin


If there is one band that can usher in a new wave of funk rock music, it is Tonic Freight Train. With an explosive sound that stems from a melting pot of influences, an intense passion for music, and funky personality, they deliver outstanding songs and an unforgettable live show.

Since they started, Tonic Freight Train has been seen playing shows in and around the Chicago area at venues such as The Subterranean, Bottom Lounge, The Arcada Theater, and the Elbo Room. Presenting a sound that takes most bands 10 years to achieve, they burst into the scene head first with an energy that no one can ignore.

It was only made possible with Jake Kramer’s heavy-funk guitar riffs and Dan Dick’s passionate vocals/lyrics along with the help of Bryan Bishop’s intricate bass lines and James Griffin's powerful drumming.
Soon they are going to start the recording process on their debut album which will be filled with original and funky jams.


Screenshot 2017-03-01 20.26.36.png

The Innovator

by Tonic Freight Train


"Innovator, imitator, I will see you later"


*Recorded and Mixed by Jake Kramer

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06.17.2016 / Live at BAM Fest


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